COMING SOON – Sounds of the moment – some folks find listening to podcasts relaxing, informative, distracting. Try tuning-in to our audio content while out on a run or a walk – or on a treadmill (or doing the washing up):

Find our services online on our YouTube Channel – a shortened version of our service is uploaded every Sunday morning for you to join when you are ready. Missed a service? You’ll find older services here.

Podcasts – audio – COMING SOON

Interviews (some light-hearted, some more serious) with:

  • Members of the congregation;
  • Knowledgeable experts;
  • Our minister and fellow ministers;
  • Leaders from other faiths;
  • Visitors from other countries.

Those we have lost:

  • Short audio appreciations for those in the congregation who have died.


  • Prayers;
  • From the Bible;
  • From books.


  • Listen to a recording of our church bell – somehow this simple sound grounds you, reassures you, welcomes you.

Video links: